Practical and bespoke engineering, design, and installation solutions to a variety of mooring challenges

Each mooring location brings about its own differing challenges, so whether it be shallow water, ultra-deep water, loose soils, or an unconventional moored asset, you can rest assured that we will find a practical and cost effective solution that meets your requirements. Our marine and engineering team have decades of experience designing and installing a variety of temporary and permanent mooring systems around the world.

FMS’ track record includes moorings for floating wind turbines, offshore drilling units, FPSOs, mooring buoys, and long term quayside moorings for vessels. Our breadth of experience allows us to draw upon our collective experiences to design moorings based on a practical approach to installation, ensuring high vessel utilisation, and minimising risk of project delay.

Our unrivalled experts are leaders in the mooring design and installation industry and work hard to ensure that FMS outperform client expectations allowing us to be regarded as the industry’s principal consultancy for the design and installation of innovative and cost effective mooring solutions.