Professionals, passionate about Marine Assurance, and providing peace of mind

Through our teams’ vast and varied marine backgrounds we are able to deliver a range of high quality marine assurance activities ensuring our clients have peace of mind that projects are planned and conducted in manner that prioritises the safety of personnel, the environment, wider stakeholders, and provides optimised solutions giving value to the client.

During project planning phases our team can offer independent expert opinion to ensure that operations have been planned in a manner that best protects the personnel conducting the operation, the environment, the client’s assets, as well as ensuring that risks are reduced through driving efficiency throughout the operation.

With vessel costs forming such a large proportion of a project’s budget, the selection and utilisation of project vessels is critical to ensuring the client sees value in the vessel hire. Our team can undertake a wide variety of pre-hire inspections, such as OVIDs, CMIDS, MSF spot charter inspections, suitability surveys, and condition assessments.

Our team can also assist with provision of highly experienced personnel with a practical background in vessel operations to oversee the operation of the vessel and ensure our client’s interests are protected throughout the offshore operation. FMS are able to offer Client Marine Representation, sailing audits, and field operation audits.