First Marine Solutions partnered with an oil major to provide comprehensive survey and positioning support throughout multiple phases of an FPSO disconnect relocation project. Over a 9-month period, six vessels were deployed to facilitate various mooring and unmooring operations for the FPSO. We played a pivotal role by deploying our tailored surface positioning and telemetry systems to ensure the project’s success.

What we did

Initially tasked with providing temporary mooring positions for the FPSO, the project’s scope expanded significantly. We took on the challenge of producing precise seabed bathymetric charts for the shallow waters off Luba, Equatorial Guinea. This expanded scope showcased the company’s adaptability and expertise in addressing evolving project needs.

Proposed DTM

Project phases

  • Moorings Placement: We ensured accurate placement of moorings for the FPSO, laying the foundation for subsequent project phases.
  • FPSO Disconnection and Hook-Up: Following precise mooring, the FPSO was safely disconnected and secured to the laid moorings as planned.
  • Heavy Lift Vessel Deployment (Boka Vanguard): The arrival of the heavy lift vessel, Boka Vanguard, marked a critical phase. We coordinated to support the float-on operation, ensuring the safe and efficient transfer of the FPSO onto the vessel.
  • Transit to Denmark: Loaded onto the Boka Vanguard, the FPSO embarked on its final journey to Denmark. Here, we orchestrated the float-off process, enabling the FPSO to be moored alongside for the conclusion of decommissioning activities.
FPSO Location


Through meticulous planning and the deployment of advanced positioning systems, First Marine Solutions facilitated the successful execution of the FPSO disconnect relocation project. The company’s expertise not only ensured the safety and efficiency of critical operations but also demonstrated adaptability in expanding project scope to meet evolving requirements.

Flexible, tailored solutions

Our collaboration with the client exemplified its commitment to delivering tailored solutions and adapting to changing project dynamics. The FPSO disconnect relocation project stands as a testament to FMS’ proficiency in supporting complex marine operations and exceeding client expectations.